What are the wholesale markets in Cote d 'Ivoire?

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Thanks to the geographical advantages of the natural port, the large wholesale markets in Cote d 'Ivoire are concentrated in Abidjan, with the Adjame wholesale retail market, Treichville market and Yopougon market being the main ones.


Ninety percent of the goods in Abidjan's wholesale market come from China.


Adjame wholesale retail market

It is the largest wholesale market in Abidjan, with a wide variety of goods, including clothing, fabrics, mobile phones and accessories, fruits, jewelry, washing machines and other categories.

The  Ce d 'Ivoire office warehouse of EC is also located in the Agame region.


Treichville Market

This market is dedicated to  Regular fabrics, mobile phones and accessories, crafts.


Yopougon Market

 Located near Abidjan's National stadium, this market is dedicated to mobile phones and accessories.


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