What wholesale markets are there in Mozambique?

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1、Mercado Central de Maputo

Mercado Central de Maputo is a market in the center of Maputo that contains several markets, such as farmers' markets and wholesale clothing markets. There is a great variety of art, handmade accessories and vintage clothing as well as fruits and vegetables.


Xipamanine is the largest market in Maputo city and one of the oldest markets in Maputo.

You can buy everything from food, car parts, building materials, wigs, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furniture and electrical appliances.


Also known as the Saturday Craft Market, there is a relatively high concentration of craft stalls selling a variety of handmade crafts.

4、Maquinino Market

The Marquinino market, located in Beira, Mozambique's second largest city, focuses on farm food, but also has sanitary products, cosmetics, mobile phone stores, clothing and other goods.

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