Countdown to Nigeria's general election, what should foreign traders look out for?

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As anyone involved in Nigeria's foreign trade business may be aware, there is a big event coming up in Nigeria - the 2023 presidential election will be held on 25 February. As is customary, every presidential election has been marked by varying degrees of unrest. This year is even more special, because of the fuel shortage price spike and the change of the old and new currency policy of the naira, which has led to large-scale rallies, protests and riots in many parts of Nigeria, and the embassy has also issued a number of safety precautions in Nigeria.

For foreign trade people, this year was supposed to be a time of full liberalisation and a time to show off their skills, and everyone was eager to explore the market in Africa's number one economy. But with the current social situation in Nigeria, there are always concerns about the safety of people and the safe arrival of goods.

Today, let's talk more about Nigeria's security, which is a concern for foreign traders.

Can I ship over during the Nigerian elections?


No matter what time of the year, the domestic demand in Nigeria is there, at this stage, our company is also normal to send air and sea cargo to Nigeria. But for foreign trade people need to pay attention to is, in this period, more should choose a strong and reliable logistics service provider. You can take these points into consideration: Is there a strong local self-managed team? Is insurance purchased?

In the face of the current security situation in Nigeria, having a local self-managed team can be a good way of coordinating relationships and securing your goods. Even in the event of an accident, you can apply for insurance claims to protect your own interests. We have been operating double-clearance logistics in Nigeria for more than ten years, and have established our African headquarters and branches in Nigeria, which makes us a trustworthy logistics team!

Is the period around the election suitable for business expansion to Nigeria?

It is best to wait until the local elections are over and the social situation has stabilised.

In addition to the presidential election on 25 February, Nigeria will hold gubernatorial and state assembly elections on 11 March. The instability and uncertainty of the social security situation will continue for some time. At this stage it is still advisable to communicate with customers via online.

What should I look for when I go to Nigeria during this period?

If it is really necessary to go to Nigeria during this period because of business needs, then the following points must be noted.

1: Pay close attention to security developments in your area and follow the security news released by local media and various social media platforms such as expatriate groups and chambers of commerce.

Two: Stay away from high-risk and sensitive areas and avoid locations such as election rallies, demonstrations and crowded areas such as airports, shopping malls and places of worship.

3: Stay away from political and religious venues and do not participate in or observe rallies or processions. Do not stay at the rally site to take photos or videos, and avoid making election-sensitive remarks.

IV: Avoid non-essential outings, try not to travel at night or to isolated locations alone, and choose your mode of transport and travel routes carefully.

5: Keep communication open, maintain regular contact with Chinese enterprises, chambers of commerce, overseas Chinese groups and consular assistance volunteers in your region and the surrounding area, and be prepared with emergency supplies. In case of emergency, call the police and contact the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Nigeria and the Chinese Help Centre in Lagos in a timely manner.

After all this, I believe you have more confidence in exporting to Nigeria, so don't forget to ask us to ship your products! Now you can also enjoy the 11th anniversary promotion!

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