Nigeria Fastest flight, 3 days to Lagos!

posting on2023-03-02 09:55:13

From March 1st, E&C has launched a special double-clear express airfreight service to Nigeria. If your products are of high value and you are worried about the slow timeframe and the risk of prolonged transportation, or if you are afraid of being taxed by international express, then you can experience our Nigeria Double Clear Express Air Freight service.

Guaranteed timeframe
We can clear customs in 3 days from Guangzhou, China to Lagos, which is better than most air freight products on the market. For customers who are looking for time efficiency or have urgent needs, Nigeria Express Air Freight is the first choice.

Friday deliveries
The flights are fixed every Friday and arrive on Monday, so there is no need to wait for your shipment. We would like to remind our customers that they must have their goods in our warehouse by Friday!

No volume requirement
We do not require any minimum consumption for shipments starting from 1kg. This is perfect for small packages of important documents, parts, accessories, etc.

Double-clearance and tax inclusive
No need to worry about customs clearance, our company has been operating in China and Africa for more than 10 years and is experienced in customs clearance in Nigeria, safe and reliable!

For those who need it,Welcome to place an order with us!

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