What is the best way to prepare for overseas exhibitions to lock in the C-suite?

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In 2023, many foreign trade people have put "exhibiting abroad" on their agenda. "A hundred emails are better than one meeting", and participating in overseas exhibitions can not only contact intended customers, but also understand peer information and grasp industry trends in time.


So what do you need to do to stand out, lock in the C-suite and close orders when exhibiting overseas?


I. Selecting the right exhibition

There are many exhibitions held around the world, for example, this year Nigeria will hold a number of large exhibitions such as food exhibition, building materials exhibition, lighting exhibition, home exhibition, auto parts exhibition. Foreign trade bosses need to compare and choose the right exhibition, based on the exhibition organiser, the time and place of the exhibition, the influence of the exhibition and the past effects and feedback, etc., to choose the exhibition with better effect and greater influence.


II. Stand design and exhibit preparation

The first impression of an exhibition stand is important, especially at overseas shows. The design of the stand and the preparation of samples should be as distinctive as possible, highly relevant to the brand and accessible to buyers. The first visual impression of the goods and services exhibited directly determines whether visitors actually visit the stand or just walk around. The stand design will visually tell visitors the purpose and benefits of the products and services you offer. The more easily recognisable the theme and product, the more it will extend the exhibitor's advantage at the show.


The choice of exhibits is based on new products, explosive products and special products to stimulate buyers' desire to buy to the greatest extent possible.


III. Inviting new and existing customers to exhibit

About a month before the launch, you can invite key customers by phone, email, whatsapp, etc. The email message can contain: invitation letter, booth plan (in which your booth location is marked), company introduction, special events, product launch, etc.



IV. Selection and training of exhibiting team members

Select and train people who are good communicators and sociable. Exhibitors need to know in advance what is necessary to exhibit, what information they need to prepare, what they need to do, how the exhibition process works and how each person's responsibilities are assigned and how to communicate and cooperate with each other.


 At the same time, they need to learn more about the products and the industry, understand the selling points and features of each product, and brush up on the English language that will be used at the show.


V. Transport of exhibits

To transport exhibits to the exhibition venue, you can choose to work with an international logistics service provider to transport your exhibits to their destination in advance by sea or air, depending on the characteristics and timeliness of your exhibits. For example, if you are exhibiting in a West African country such as Nigeria or Ghana, you can choose our company to transport your exhibits. We offer LCL services, no minimum weight and volume requirements for cargoes, a wide range of products that can be transported, and sufficient experience in customs clearance.


Sea freight: long transport time and low freight costs, suitable for bulky, less urgent exhibition merchandise materials.

Air freight: fast, suitable for time-sensitive or small and light exhibits.


Have you written down all these preparations for exhibiting abroad? Is there anything else you would like to know about exhibiting overseas? Feel free to leave a comment or write to us privately!


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