What do I need to bring to Nigeria for the first time?

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With the further recovery of foreign trade export business, and the liberalisation of visa controls, many foreign trade companies and factories focusing on the African market have plans to visit Nigeria, the number one economy in Africa, to visit old customers they haven't seen for a long time, develop new ones and explore market product trends.

However, for those going to Nigeria for the first time, there are some recommended items that are easily overlooked in order to make the whole business trip more convenient and comfortable, in addition to visas and small yellow books.

Our team at JETRO has travelled to Nigeria many times before and after three years, we have also been the first to lead a team to depart to Nigeria and Ghana. From the experience of our team ahead of us, we recommend that first time foreigners to Nigeria collect this list of must-have items!

In addition to the yellow book and visa, some items that are easy to overlook are required for a two-week business trip.

Living essentials:

1. Enough cash and change

2. Toiletries

3. medicine (cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, etc.)

4. Anti-mosquito water and anti-mosquito stickers (buy outdoor camping ones)

5. British-style conversion plugs

6. rechargeable batteries

7. Thin long-sleeved jacket (indoor air conditioning is stronger, and the weather is colder after the rain, so bring a spare to avoid catching a cold)

8. Thermos or mug

9. slippers

10. toilet paper

Items to bring according to your personal needs: not every hotel in Nigeria may provide them, or you may choose to bring your own if you do not want to use the ones provided by the hotel.

11. Electric kettle (it is not recommended to drink water directly from the tap in Nigeria, it is basically mineral water, so if you do not want to use the kettle provided by the hotel, or if the hotel does not have one, it is recommended to bring a portable electric kettle)

12. Portable electric cooker (Nigerian food is spicy and starchy, if you are not used to it, you can bring your own small electric cooker for cooking)

13. portable clothes hangers and hooks (if the hotel provides laundry service and the price is right, you may not need to bring them)

14. hairdryer (most local hotels do not have hairdryers in their rooms, so bring your own)

15. chopsticks and bowls (buy them if you plan to cook your own meals here)

Food: if you are worried about not adapting to the local food habits, prepare some snacks and staples.

16. snacks (Nigeria's roads are poor, traffic is congested and it takes longer to drive out, so you can fill up on the road)

17. rice and noodles (you can also buy them at local Chinese supermarkets, but they are more expensive, so feel free to do as you please!)

18. squash (if you have a Chinese stomach and are staying in a hotel that doesn't have Chinese food, you can't go wrong with this)

Finally, remember to buy malaria medication from a pharmacy before you return home.

You can prepare the above list according to your personal situation and needs! I wish you a smooth and easy trip to Nigeria and a rewarding one!

Apart from this, what else do you want to know about entering Nigeria? Feel free to ask questions in the comments section or write to us privately!

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