Nigeria's first deep-water port opens for operation, injecting new vitality into Sino-Nigeria trade!

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Do you know how many important ports there are in Nigeria if you are engaged in foreign trade in Central Africa? Apart from APAPA, LAGOS, ONNE and TIN CAN, what many foreign trade people do not know is that the first deep water port in Nigeria has been put into operation this year, and that is LEKKI port!


Lekki Deep Water Port is located in the economic centre of Nigeria, more than sixty kilometres east of the largest city of Lagos, along the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea in the Lekki area of Lagos State. It has two container berths, with a total length of 680 meters, and a waterway and frontage depth of -16.5 meters; it can berth container vessels of up to 18,000 TEU, breaking through the limits of the container handling capacity of several domestic ports in operation, and has a design capacity of 1.2 million TEU per year. It will be developed into a modern comprehensive port integrating dry bulk, liquid bulk, container handling, storage and related services.


At the end of January this year, a grand opening ceremony was held at Lekki Deepwater Port; on 6 April, the GSL Alice arrived at Lekki Port in Nigeria via the Mediterranean Sea from Europe, where the vessel successfully completed the loading and unloading of over 200 containers.


"The successful berthing and completion of loading and unloading operations of the GSL Alice at the Port of Lekki, which generated its first revenue, means that the opening of the Lekki Deepwater Port is significant, not only as the first deepwater port in Nigeria, ending the history of Africa's largest economy without a deepwater port for many years, but also as the first deepwater port in West Africa, which will make Lagos the maritime logistics hub of the Central and West African region.


The port will also create a large number of jobs and help to achieve the government's poverty reduction targets. It will open up a new landscape for Nigeria's economic development and become an engine for the country's economic development, "breathing fresh life" into Nigeria's foreign trade and national economy. It will play a key role in boosting Nigeria's trade and economy, and will open up new opportunities for Nigeria's development. Helping to further upgrade Lagos as a trans-shipment hub for West and Central Africa, the project is expected to generate an overall economic benefit of nearly US$360 billion over the 45-year concession period. It will give a strong impetus to the export of Nigeria's indigenous products, especially agricultural products, and increase the country's foreign exchange earnings.


There are already ships from China heading to Lekki port and it is believed that more products from China will be cleared through the port of Lekki to enter Nigeria and the entire West African market in the future.


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